Friday, September 26, 2008

Vol.2 Hermes kerchief

We can find four major hues on this kerchief: red, yellow, orange and violet. It seems that there is no color scheme being used. But, these hues can be divided into aggressive color (red, yellow and orange) and receding color (violet), in which they are contrast.

Besides, most of hues used on this kerchief are high in value, which means that white is added in. In order to make shadow for protruding, some part of hues are low in value. This can also create an effect of layer. Actually, although flower is the main character in this pattern, it is easy to find a human at the center.

The distance between shodow and object shows the existence of wind instead of disorder. Therefore, a light feeling is created which match the product: kerchief.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Vol.1 The Burberry Check

Burberry is known for ckeck that can be found on many items, such as men's and women's apparels, bags, shoes and scarves.

This is the "Burberry classic check", which is composed of apricot, red, black and white. All colors are in high value, but low chroma. Apart from black and white, the other two hues are in related color scheme, since apricot is a tertiary color produced from red.

This is another famous Burberry check which is similar to the upper one: also composed of red, black, white but grey. Besides, their value is high and chroma is low too. However, apart from red, the other three colors are achromatic.

The final check is quite different from the previous two. It is composed of grape, orchid, cerise and white. These hues are in low value and chroma. In fact, this check is used an analogous color scheme as grape, orchid and cerise are produced from violet and red.

Although the colors of Burberry check look different, there is a common factor: low chroma and always contain red tone.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Let's start

It really takes me lots of time to familiar with Blogger, and finally I can make my Blogger similar to one in my mind.

In order to have a balance between my style and further analyses of color, I decided to have a simple and plain layout; either black or white. My last choice, black, is based on environmentally friendly reason. Someone told me that energy used by the screen is the least when dark color is shown. And I choose dark green as the sub-color since it can give natural feeling in which matches my original theme.

The pattern on top and the name of this Blogger have a strong Japanese feeling, just because I worship Japanese tradition and culture. There is a linkage between the name and the subtitle of my Blogger, which respond to my study: color.

I will try my best to translate my mind into English, my second language. I hope all I learn in Fashion English are uesful in writing this Blogger.