Friday, October 31, 2008

Vol.7 Collection Ex.

I am sorry to post this urgent exercise so late. These five garments are the most attractive among the 30 sets, at least I think that. Besides, due to the scanner, the hue I colored is different when it is shown on the screen. I try hard to turn it to the similar one.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Vol.6 Theme board

As my choosen brand is Hermès whose characteristic color is orange, I pick orange in my theme board. (Click the picture to see a larger one)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Vol.5 Class Ex.2

Conflict in Silence
In this collection, I actually choose one hue: red, which means mono-chromatic. I change its chroma and value to create more variations. Besides, adding achromatic color: black, grey and white, can enrich the whole collection and accentuate the primary color: red.

Red and those achromatic colors are perfect match. Red is a very aggressive color, it is easy to have "conflict" with other hues. But, achromatic colors are good parterns with red due to their low chroma. In fact, this is my favourite matching of color.

I'm sorry to post this ex. so late.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Each brand has its own characteristic color(s): McDonald's is yellow and red; 7-ELEVEN is green, orange and red; agnès b. is black and white. Here, Hermès is orange, a secondary color from red and yellow. We can find it everywhere, especially on Hermès's official website:
The homepage(1)

The homepage(2)

The customer service

We can notice that, apart from orange and black, there is no other color on the main body of Hermès's official website. Later, I will give more evidences to show Hermès is orange; orange is Hermès, a high-end fashion.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Vol.3 Hermès

I would like to choose Hermès as the project brand. In fact, I have a great interest on this gorgeous brand. This is a good chance to futher understand the marvel of Hermès. As it is the beginning, general background of Hermès is necessary for introduction.

Hermès International, S.A., or simply Hermès, is a French high fashion house specializing in leather, ready-to-wear, lifestyle accessories, and perfumery luxury goods. The company is renowned in the fashion world, and its products are considered to be prestigious by virtue of workmanship, reputation, and price. It is recognized by its Duc carriage with horse logo. Established in 1837, the saddle shop of Thiery Hermès in Paris, France quickly became an international success. Hermès continues to implement its traditional techniques into its creations.