Monday, November 17, 2008

Vol.12 Hermes=orange?!

When my friends know that my chosen brand is Hermes, their frist response is "Orange!". It shows that "Hermes is orange" has been rooted in people's mind deeply.

However, it is interesting to find that there is little orange in Hermes' fashion collections which are dominated by black and white. Orange can be found in every collection, but mostly are in low value and chroma; nearly brown. In fact, 07 Fall collection had no orange.

I think the reason behind is :Hermes' target consumers are young and middle adults. Most of them think orange is too young and difficult for them to handle. However, orange accessories with small proportion of orange is acceptable. So, orange is Hermes' characteristic color only, but does not mean that everythings Hermes are orange.

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