Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Vol.13 Class Ex.6

(a) Concumers' lifestyle & mass customization

Schoolmate A

Lifestyle: Simple, love reading and singing, dislike stimulus
Mass Customization: Planned buying, like big sales
Color Preferences identify: Black, deep blue, brown (She likes shade hues actually)

Schoolmate B
Lifestyle: Aggressive, hate losing, love dancing and playing PSP & Wii
Mass Customization: love outlets, may indulge in impulse buying
Color Preferences identify: Red, orange, white (She likes orange-yellow actually)

(b) Designing a feedback form

1. Do you have a specifically favourite color?

2. Do you prefer shade color?

3. Do you love nature? (natural colors: green, blue, brown e.t.c)

4. Are you sporty? (Active colors: red, high value blue, white e.t.c.)

5. Do you love simple life? (simple colors: black, white, grey)

6. Do you like summer? (Hot colors: red, orange, yellow e.t.c.)

7. Do you like being "focus"? (Sharp colors: silver, gold, red e.t.c.)

8. Are you a calm person? (Cool colors: blue, purple, deep blue e.t.c.)

9. Do you like futurism? (Metal colors: silver, white, fluorescein e.t.c.)

10. Do you like nostalgia? (Classical colors: brown, cream, walnut e.t.c.)

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