Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Vol.10 Hermès women fashion collections

07 Spring 07 Fall
07 collections are quite "conservative" in color presentation, especially the fall one. Both collections are dominated by achromatic and earth tones. But, the value in the Spring collection is much higher than that of the Fall one, in which shade is everywhere.

08 Spring

08 Fall
However, 08 Spring collection gives a big surprise; hues with high chroma are used. Although achromatic and earth tones still are the main color presentation in the 08 collections, shade is reducing.

09 Spring

The latest 09 Spring collection shows freshness. The proportion of achromatic color is obviously fewer than the previous collections. Grey even nearly dispears in this collection. Apart from earth tone with high value, other hues with high chroma are being used too.

Achromatic colors and earth tone are used frequently, as Hermès is an long standing and well established brand. The chief designer at Hermes, Gaultier, said that, the most difficult thing in desiging Hermes fashion collection is trying to discover new things while keeping the original and traditional things. Therefore, Hermès keeps changing with keeping.

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